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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Americans for Safe Access claim copyright on footage another shot?

Shortly after we posted William West's video, (featuring Americans for Safe Access San Diego board members blocking, maybe shoving him?) what happened?

It's been taken down off of youtube!

ASA has called a copyright claim?

See for yourself.

How can ASA have a copyright on that video?


  1. I have received letters from at least other cities aside from San Diego reporting leadership of ASA being infiltrated by narcs/.
    Their are thousands of great people that attend meetings and I would hate for them to feel they are being knocked it any way.
    At the same time, how does one keep silent when the same thing keeps being reported from different areas?
    Aside from some leadership working with the police to shut down shops and gather information, when I was arrested one of the undercovers that sat down at the table was somebody I had seen at an ASA meeting also. I am not saying, "don't go". I am saying that it is only logical that there are some in the government agencies that seek to undermine medical marijuana would obviously move in and infiltrate these types of groups, and the same level of caution you would use standing in front of a police station is the level you should use at an asa meeting. And it does not mean a freaking thing for someone to smoke a joint with you. Undercovers can smoke, and so can narcs.
    ASA actually puts out a great "security culture" phamphlet that the patients and growers would be wise to use within their own groups.

  2. It appears that Donna Lambert is attempting to get patients to not assemble.

  3. I don't think that is true about Donna Lambert, anonymous. But I think she and William might be going to far without presenting enough gotcha proof. Sure you can have suspicions of things but to go public and call people narcs? You better have some real proof. So far I see some circumstantial evidence that just doesn't justify calling people narcs in public.

  4. I agree and the real question is why?

  5. Mike, No one has yet publicly said That anyone was a narc, informant, or D.E.A. not once. What has been presented are facts of documented paperwork suggesting things may be in " a tainted light ". Questions about in a city of over 7 million why one oz of medicine and 1/2 oz of hashish would make news? Then to make news when it was about the smallest during the 9-9-09 raids of (Endless Summer / Operation Green Rx). I hope and pray I am wrong! But if it waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck, odds are it is a DUCK.

  6. Walks like a duck and quacks like a duck? He bashes our top LEO every chance he gets, he facilitates trainings so public defenders can beat mmj cases. Donna Lambert and William West have vowed to take him down. Who is quacking like a duck here?

  7. "I have received letters from at least other cities aside from San Diego reporting leadership of ASA being infiltrated by narcs."

    This is what Donna wrote? This is people being labeled as "narcs". Maybe not directly by name but would suggest inference...

  8. Yeah, everybody is a narc. But there's no more effective way for law enforcement to catch up with you than WeedMaps.

    So what. get back to work.


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