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Friday, January 14, 2011

Boston Police Chief, Ed Davis blames marijuana decrim for rise in violent crime

Boston Globe: Homicide fight centers on drug trade
With a rise in dealer-related killings, special unit goes after those with gun records
The decriminalization of marijuana, Davis said, has increased demand for that drug, because more people are now less afraid to buy it.
“I’m not ready to say that this [homicide spike] is driven by marijuana,’’ Davis said. “There are many drugs that are involved. But it’s more about money than the type of drug that’s being utilized, and marijuana is a substance that has a high profit margin.’’
Chief Davis offers no study or facts to back up his statements.

If marijuana use has been rising in Massachusetts for a decade plus why only suddenly has the murder rate gone up?

If marijuana use is up for a decade plus prior to Massachusetts decriminalizing, how do you say decriminalizing has increased use?

Chief Ed Davis is full of it.

The economy, unemployment, and the fact that a person with a drug record has limited opportunities to find work with a CORI?

Easily solved.

Legalize marijuana.

Reducing crime, not good for the Police budget.

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