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Friday, January 7, 2011

The Ed Show, MSNBC- Marijuana prohibition grows new gangsters

The Ed Show, MSNBC- Marijuana prohibition grows new gangsters


  1. Seriously? Of course, if you make everything legal, crime will go down. (DUH!!) Make cocaine legal, make murder legal, make robbery legal, make DUI legal...if we do that, crime will go down even more. That is a great solution (yes, I am being sarcastic). "Making pot legal" will make cartels fail or hurt the cartels? No, I am not ignorant enough to believe that either. They will find the next thing to push and that will be where they get their money. They will not just fold up their tents and say "oh well, we tried...I guess it's over." Pot is the big thing because alcohol is not illegal now. If we legalize pot, they will move to the next (probably harder) thing. If that happens, we can legalize the next thing...and the process repeats itself over and over. The term "slippery slope" comes to mind. Can we trust the people that want to legalize pot to stop here? Can we get any guarantees that crack, pcp or something else will NOT be next? I guess, in the end, if you don't really think about it too much, it sounds harmless enough.

    Turns out I do not have an account with any of the companies that are running this, so I must post as "Anonymous". Please think about what you are willing to accept and what the potential risks are. John A. San Jose, CA

  2. John A. comparing victimless use of cannabis to murder? And you are asking us to think? It doesn't matter what the cartels get into after cannabis is made legal, nothing compares to the size of the cannabis market. You can ramp up the supply all day but if the demand is not there?

  3. John A. the Mexican cartels love that cannabis is illegal. Make no mistake about it. Crack and PCP are nowhere the same as cannabis. I can't recall of any group ever holding a crack or PCP Rally and bringing together 50,000+ people. It happens in Boston, in Seattle, and other places. For cannabis. And there's a reason. Because cannabis is the least harmful and relatively harmless medicine and drug pleasure for most people. The majority of Americans have tried cannabis and suffered no harm from it. Unlike crack where the small percentage that have used it more than a few times ended up with some serious issues. Nobody will legally being selling crack like it's cigarettes or booze in America. But once the public does realize that cannabis should have been legal all along maybe they will re-examine their public drug policy to go with the one strategy that works but seldom tried in America in regards to the drug war. Harm reduction. Harm reduction works and stops drugs from being such a big issue for society. Look at Europe, they've reduced use and jail space in countries that have adopted harm reduction..Lower drug use, reduce harm? How could anybody argue against it?

  4. Making cannabis legal would also shrink the market for other illegal drugs. How so? Well most people start with alcohol (under age) but easily accessible through parents and then cannabis. Those that never try cannabis are less likely to do other drugs. If they try cannabis they get contact with other illegal drugs. Make cannabis legal and that never happens. Most will never try another drug but booze, cannabis, tobacco and then the legal ones in the food like coffeine and the OTC's and scrips. Drug policy, it's a trip.


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