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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jim Fowler's next court hearing his last?

"People, My next court date on Jan. 18th, @ 8:30 A.M., could possibly be THE single most important date in my whole trial. It could also be THE LAST date, period! Depending on the Judge's findings, my case could be over on that day! I have two hearings set. One to argue the point of a Franks Hearing, and one to utilize my affirmative defense."
Jim Fowler on his Maine medical marijuana court case, Part 1

Wish I could be there but doubtful with the current work schedule.

If you have a video camera this would be a great thing to film as Jim Fowler comes out of the courthouse with the results.

Jim is asking for activists to attend the hearing. 

January 18th at 8:30am, 41 Court Street, Skowhegan, Maine. 

Somerset County Superior Court

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