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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Eugene Davidovich of San Diego ASA responds to our blog posts

In response to the latest blogs on San Diego's ASA, I've been communicating with their Chair, Eugene Davidovich.

Asking for a quote on the recent posts he had this to say. 

"I do want to publish something on your website in my own words:
In this San Diego ASA News Brief, Eugene Davidovich discusses the James Stacy Federal Medical Marijuana Trial as well as his next and final hearing; the sentencing. James Stacy is a victim of Operation Green Rx and Bonnie Dumanis' fierce fight against medical marijuana patients in San Diego.

Watch and listen here:

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  1. Notice how he evades the questions? These are things I can prove and have thousands of now "x" viewers that no longer can see Jack Herer's footage from the memorial service. This is what he does, not answer questions, Ask him how he was able to make our D.A.'s list with 1 oz of medicine and 1/2 oz of hashish while others with thousands of dollars, guns, and plants not able to make it to her site? This close to Mexico and he makes it with nothing? I think it was so our community would open it's arms to him. Why? Get real. Stevie Wonder can see this for what it is...

  2. Not supporting calling somebody a narc with flimsy evidence. I understand how you can come to your conclusions but basing it off of this circumstantial to go public? I cant support that. Get better evidence or don't publicly call people cops.

  3. MikeCann, would you please consider taking down these blogs related to Eugene (ASA) as a service to ours and your community?

    Contact Eugene and or me and he/we will share with you names of who are known or at minimum presumably as informants in the MMJ community,(I'm not talking about Donna, William or Craig) and you can be the first to post it on your sites. You will not regret it. You can contact me at

  4. I'm really not interested in posting known informants on my page. The Lawyer tells me that's beyond my time if I want to work right now.

    I'd consider removing some of the content if one has an issue on it send me a message. Eugene's got my facebook.

    Frankly, I don't have the time for this right now. Like most I got other things to focusing on.

  5. Sir, the fact is that these ongoing allegations against Eugene being a narc can and at some point will put his and or his family life in danger. Please just remove all blogs related to Eugene, even if Eugene has responded to any of them. This would be the right thing to do as a human, brother to brother, or a MMJ supporter. I know that Donna is and has been targeting unstable people to believe her, and William is a great example of it.

    Thank you in advance.

  6. I'm not looking to put anybody's life or their family in danger. I don't believe that my blog posts do that. In fact, I think they do just the opposite. The allegations are out there and not because of Just log-on to facebook. I think as the publisher and moderator here I've made it clear that calling somebody a narc with no real certifiable proof is a big mistake and one that is noted. If my headlines read differently I could see the concern but I've never publicly posted that. The comments I can delete but I think they only help people come to the point of view that I have. If Eugene contacts me that he really feels that he's in danger I would definitely consider it.


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