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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Local Massachusetts police busting teens for pot on facebook

Cop-in' weed on facebook.
A facebook message I received with the police Officer's name, town, and alias kept anonymous, at least for now.

We'll need to get the okay from our Mike Cann lawyers if we out that information.

"I live in a town in Massachusetts, and a police officer has created a fake facebook account to try and catch teens and young adults for cannabis related offenses. The fake name is ***** *******, and he is ******* Police Officer ****** *******. I just thought you might be interested."


  1. #1 there are no fake Fb accounts.
    #2 there is nothing that says a police officer can not investigate, but a warrant to search based soley on a photograph would be nearly impossible to obtain, and technically a waste of time/resourses.
    #3 if police officer is on the clock, who authorized his time to investigate? if he is not on the clock and working the he is acting under the color of law 'without authority' and his actions itself may be illegal.

  2. ok, you do have #2 and #3 right, but yes they do very much so have fake accounts on facebook;that means regular everyday people and the popo alike.... Here in Canada, they have police that do just face-booking for criminal activity not just pot. Either way, it amazes me that people are silly enough to put things about illegal activity on facebook in the first place.....

  3. I am not a lawyer, nor am i quoting you law.
    I believe if you brought a case to trial inwich an off duty police officer used information procured from your Fb page as in a photographic image you posted of you doing somthing that may itself be an 'illegal' act, that constitutes copyright infringement (used your copyright property for profit/gain), and therefore you can file a lawsuit against said person for copyright infringement. that is if you have the $ to burn.

  4. @anonymous; a 'fake' Fb account would imply nobody uses it when infact it is absolutely real. what is 'fake' is the alleged identity of the person using it, not the account itself.

    the problem MOST of the time is that regular people can not usually throw away the money required to fight a legal battle and plead guilty to a misdameanor, or accept a charge of a non felonious act because they simply can not afford to fight the charges. if more people did not plea and MADE the system expense the cost of bringing the charges to trial, the system itself would be so burdened that IT would itself stop such redicilous actions.

  5. Jim Fowler is facing criminal charges in Maine resulting from photos he posted on facebook. He's fighting them and it would not surprise me at all if we find out by the end of the month that the charges have been dismissed. It does happen.

  6. The issue here was that the officer in question was initiating drug deals. He wasn't just watching accounts to bust kids, he was actively pursuing individuals who he suspected of cannabis use. I never friended the individual in question, and he sent me messages trying to get me to sell him cannabis.

  7. you're either lying or dumb. Of course there are fake facebook accounts. My girlfriend has one for her Pet Society game.

  8. This is exactly why you make your profile on facebook private to everyone except friends. Turn off the settings that let friends of friends see it and make EVERYTHING private to the public. Or if you do participate in illegal actions in your life DONT DO IT/SHOW IT THRU FACEBOOK!! It's not that difficult to be smart about things like this.

    What are they charging him with Mike this is the first I've heard of it?


  10. I AM a lawyer, and I can tell you that my head is too far up my ass for me to have anything useful to say.

  11. Fuck Facebook - I'm going to get that mangy little fag that thinks he can run the world and ban or disable anyone who has a different opinion than he has regarding marijuana...

    -- Daniel F. Janes


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