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Monday, January 3, 2011

Marc Emery's US Prison Blog #22 - Fired From the Library for Trying to Help | Cannabis Culture Magazine

Marc Emery's US Prison Blog #22 - Fired From the Library for Trying to Help | Cannabis Culture Magazine
Dear Jeremiah, Jodie, & Dana,

This morning as I reported to work at 8 a.m., I was informed by Mr. Folk (who is in his last week) that he had to let me go. I said, "Why?" and he said, "Your mail room issues."

Of course, this is about my trying to get books and magazines into the library. As I have told you the GEO group that runs this concentration camp for Canadians, Mexicans and others not officially US citizens get the worst possible treatment or services or education or library, if we get them at all. You have my extensive comparative chart (see below) about this GEO group prison DRCJF is to a Canadian compared to how a US citizen is treated in a 'low security' US federal prison. GEO does not want any inmate to have use of a proper library, law library, exercise equipment, email, photo copiers...ANYTHING!

Essentially I was fired from my .12 cent an hour job because I was donating books, magazines, and newspapers. Because in the 3 months the library has been open they haven't received a current magazine (in any language) or bought a book in English for the library. I had contributed 46 books and magazines as of today in the 23 days I worked in the library, including 2 hard cover Spanish-English dictionaries, 2 paralegal texts, coffee table books (Billy Gibbons Rock-N-Roll Gear Head) over-sized illustrated soft covers like "Remembering John Lennon" and "Time's Year in Review". So I was dismissed for adding books and magazines and newspapers to the library while GEO has every intention of stopping or obstructing books/mags/newspapers getting into the library. The library has no relevant Spanish/English reference books even though 850 inmates are Spanish speakers.


  1. It's as though we end up there just to better the places we go to.. The library at the Court House, the Law Library in 'Pasco County' Florida didn't even have the Bible in it! I finished my prison ministry bible study and received the awesome Bible they give you and donated it to the Court house.. no wonder I was in jail.. they didn't even have the heart Key of God in their Law Library!! What kind of God fearing Country are we living in!??

  2. Is that cruel and unusual punishment?


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