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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Marijuana: The Hidden Hazards

Adam's got more than a weed issue?
Marijuana: The Hidden Hazards

Frightening! If I didn't know they were talking about marijuana!

People with mental health issues blaming it on the evil weed.

Four years of school no college credits? What school and parents would allow that?

Reefer lying madness.

Not denying that some people could have issues because of their out of control marijuana use but it's not as bad of an issue for most comapared to cell phones, texting, booze, the internet, cigarettes, coffee, cars, sex, diet pills, or the big tub of icecream I'll be devouring later.

Blame it on the icecream.


  1. ive never gotten depressed enough off of marijuana where i wanna overdose on sleeping pills that can actually kill me.

  2. These people are ridiculous, i guess the lesson here is if your tarded don't smoke herb because it will only make you more tarded, makes sense. But if you have any brains at all you can see this guy is crazy, just look at his crazy eyes. Herb didn't promise him a thing what is he talking about and why did they film such an obvious BS. Herb or not this guy doesn't stand a chance. He is just using herb as a excuse to his parents why he is a failure. There scare tactics are getting weaker and weaker. That guy was eating sleeping pills, what else has he been munching, something opiate based perhaps?

  3. The guy was obviously already depressed and probably taking some antidepressant that made him suicidal.
    Then they bring out a crackhead and blame weed for his problems. He would probably still be on crack if wasn't for the weed.


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