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Friday, January 21, 2011

Marijuana News from Beacon Hill‏


Rep. Story's legislative aide reports that she has filed/sponsored the Cannabis Regulation and Taxation Act, last session's S1801/H2929 with some tweaks. The docket number (not bill number) is H1091. (I am puzzled by the "petition of" language on the first page, but have been assured that it was filed NOT "by request.")

Senator Rosenberg of Amherst has filed/sponsored The Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Act, which not only protects patients from prosecution, etc., but also authorizes up to nineteen licensed and regulated production/distribution facilities ("Medical Treatment centers"), with sales subject to the usual retail sales tax. Its docket number is S0678. I understand that Frank Smizek has filed the same bill on the House side.

Other legislators now have a week or so to sign on as co-sponsors. Then the bills will be numbered and printed.

There's no doubt in my mind that Rep. Story--and likely Sen. Rosenberg as well--were strongly motivated to file these bills as a response to the PPQs last November, wherein 69% of the voters in her district instructed her to do just this. Bravo MassCann and DPFMA!

Cheers all. We have lots to talk about. But for now, let the word go forth, and let us encourage as many "thank yous" as we can to these legislators.

Cannabem liberemus.



  1. awesome can't wait

  2. Good job everyone. Don't let up now. This is fundamental to our freedom. If a person is unable to freely chose to smoke marijuana (weather it be harmful or not) then he is not a free man/woman.

    It's time for government to stand down from it's role as Nanny to the people. It's also time for the people to stand up and take care of themselves.

    Remember a government big enough to take care of you is big enough to destroy you.

    ~~A sincere ex pot smoking democrat.

  3. Thanks, Ellen and Stan! Go Amherst! Amherst was the first town in Massachusetts to instruct its legislators to actively call for reform of our draconian, outmoded marijuana laws through a hugely successful Public Policy Question ballot. But clearly we won't be the last. Can you feel the Mojo rising? Massachusetts may be the first state to legalize cannabis across the board. This is great news for the whole cannabis community.

    I fit the description of a typical, older medical marijuana user, because I have a AS, a rare form of early onset arthritis which is crippling me painfully and slowly, I wish people understood that the term "incurable degenerative disease" means it gets worse, not better over time, and stop asking me if my back is any better now? My pain will never go away and over the years I have not responded well at all to the many pharmaceutical pain meds offered me as palliative treatment. Only marijuana gently and reliably relieves my suffering, without harming me in other ways that could potentially ruin my health and happiness. I've been working so hard to get my legislators to act now on behalf of patients but I am also of the "legal as tomatoes" school when it comes to freeing up the weed! After all, healthy people can enjoy it too, without the risks and damages we know so well that result from the use of legal recreational substances like tobacco and alcohol.

    If you're reading this and you live and vote in Massachusetts and feel enthused,write your state rep today, go to
    for two great links: one to find out who your legislators are and also one that will send your personalized message right to their offices. If your rep is already a sponsor of one of these bills, give thanks for that support and if not, encourage your legislators to do the right thing and cosponsor *all three* of these crucial new bills. Thanks!

  4. "licensed and regulated production/distribution facilities" wow awesome. Low quality for $400+ an oz. plus tax from some business people given the permits by their cronies at the state house.
    I'm not sure how that will help someone like me who need cannabis to survive and lives on disability. If I cant grow my own then its almost pointless. I can barely eat without it and after paying for it I cant eat much because then I cant afford much damn food.

  5. If you need medical marijuana then you can grow your own. Read the bill. And if they legalize it, you can also grow your own. As long as your over 21.


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