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Thursday, January 6, 2011

San Diego A.S.A. Eugene Davidovich Vs. William West Poll

We've posted three blogs and now a poll.

San Diego A.S.A. Board Members Vs. Activist Reporter

Americans for Safe Access claim copyright on footage another shot?

Eugene Davidovich of San Diego ASA responds to our blog posts

William West reports that SD ASA Eugene Davidovich's complaints have led to both his youtube and facebook accounts being suspended.

Please vote on the poll to the right of this post.

So who's right here?

Has William West gone to far?

Or is he to be applauded for truth telling?

Has Eugene Davidovich over-reacted?

Has libel been committed by Mr. West?

I don't have the answers.

I support free speech but not libel and don't have enough information to make that call.

No matter what I think Eugene Davidovich's response to posts was kind of brilliant, whether he is somebody to love or hate...

What do you say?


  1. Contact William West at for the news they don't want you to hear. For tonight that is all he has. He will send you back his statement.
    William has sat through all court hearings and done extensive research on Operation GreenRx. He was presenting factual evidence, only backed up by documentation.
    Wednesday afternoon he sent out a letter notifying dispensaries of his findings. By 5pm his You tube account had been disabled. Within 24 hours his facebook account deleted.
    Has William West been erased?
    Donna Lambert - San Diego, California

  2. I have been the documented photographer in San Diego's medical marijuana fight since 2004.
    When I started to post video's showing San Diego's Americans for Safe Access for what I see it as. Medical marijuana information gathers, not caring about "patients" or their rights, but what they have to offer or get. A new San Diego A.S.A. board members were created by Eugene Davidovich's to obtain complete control.
    As I looked back I now see how he seems to be in "The right place @ the right time". Or why he would make San Diego's D.A.'s "High Profile" list with one ounce of "medicine" and 1/2 oz of hashish. Much less that any other arrested during the 9-9-09 raids. This brought up a red flag and I begin to question his motives. The video showing San Diego A.S.A. board members attacking me while I was recording Jovan Jackson under Eugene Davidovich's acknowledgement to Terri Best to control and stop me recording a patient on trial. This was in retaliation to the footage of Eugene Davidovich in Starbucks showing him having the manager ask me to leave. Because I asked him about his N.C.I.S. status. Upon posting these to collectives and co-ops within 24 hrs my youtube account was closed stating "Copyright Infringement"s were the reason. How could my work me an infringement? So I went back to old video's I have on myspace and posted them on Facebook to keep the public and my viewers informed. Today it too was closed due to "Copyright Infringement"s again. So much for Safe Access.

  3. Facts are facts. I was able to verify the existance of the documents verifying what William states. I for one believe William.

  4. William West is nothing but a troll who needs to go back to whatever bridge he crawled out from under. He is nothing but a cancer to the medical marijuana community. He says he wants to expose things for the "way he sees them," but it seems Mr. West's perception on reality is somewhat distorted, seeing as how he only sees what he wants to see and hears what he wants to hear, causing him to take things out of context and make slanderous claims about groups and individuals. Please, Mr. West, just STOP what you're doing, because it's doing more harm than good. Step off to the sidelines, and let those who have moved on from high school drama and gained a sense of maturity fight this fight.

  5. Congratulations, Mike, It took you two weeks and a blog to come to the truth about individuals who are behind the strife in San Diego.

    Welcome to the light. How was the ride?

  6. I didnt post that previous comment under "Mike". I post under "MikeCann". Never the less I'm not backing either side just reporting and see what came about because of it. I don't like the way Mr. West and Donna seem to call people NARC's when I feel their is not enough evidence to publicly state that. However, I'm not 100% convinced that all is above board in the SD medical marijuana community...For me? The jury is still out.

  7. Well, them, take a closer look at who is doing the work in San Diego and who is causing trouble.

    Over a year ago, Donna Lambert flew into a jealous rage. She was rejected by Eugene and then saw Eugene getting close with another person, Terrie Best. She filed bogus restraining orders against these two (which she lost), right before Eugene’s trial. Then she called the DA’s office and offered to testify against Eugene in his medical marijuana court case. Then she sat in court all through his trial and giggled, laughed and smirked. Every night, after court she posted comments on Facebook about what a good liar he was on the stand.

    Next, she called organizations where Terrie volunteers and outed her as a medical marijuana patient. She looked up a prior criminal case of Terrie’s where the charges were ultimately dropped, and created a video attempting to portray Terrie as a convicted felon and calling Terrie, ugly, a henchcow, a meth user, a check forger and many other things. She posted this and numerous other videos about Terrie and Eugene over the year and a half she’s been harassing them.

    Recently, within the last six months she started calling them and anybody who associated with them police, narcs, FBI, NCI, admitted snitches, infiltrators, and conterintelpro agents because she could not stir up enough hate to take him down based on her lies about assaults. Just ignore her. she's full of hate, jealousy and venom.

  8. I have had bad experiences with both Donna and Eugene.

    In or around 2008 I made a deal with Donna related to tickets to an event, and she ended up paying only half of the cost that we had agreed on. Basically before the night of the sold out show it was a sellers market and we had agreed on the price of the tickets and she was to get the tickets on the night of the show at the venue. On the night of the sold out show it was a buyers market, many people were outside reselling tickets at half the price that me and Donna had agreed on, so she stiffed me.

    With Eugene it was a few things related to me helping him with his rent, and there was to be a growing medical marijuana operation at one of his friends house and I helped him and his backers with this, but they treated me like a slave as if I owed them. It was a big waste of my time and money for me with this.


    Calling Eugene a narc or a undercover informant would be false due to the fact that he was facing criminal charges with a trial all related to medical marijuana.

    Donna as an informant is very possible due to the fact that she had 7 felony counts (from what I remember there was a gun involved) drop to 1 silly misdemeanor all related to medical marijuana, a deal that I had never seen or heard of before, and I have looked at several criminal cases in the past six years.

    Eugene has served this country in the military, and now he is serving the medical marijuana movement and he is doing a very good job at it, but when it comes to business or something money related, I have lost that trust in him.

    Now with William West, I did hang around with him enough so that I can say that he is a nice person, but he will turn on you based on jealousy.

    Now with Craig Beresh from California Cannabis Coalition, he is and has been a big problem for Eugene. One of his very very good friends kept calling me in November of 2010 attempting to convince me that Donna is not an informant, and that Eugene is (I would get about 20 phone calls every week - It got to a point that I changed my phone number). Craig and Donna both have issues and I think it is all out of jealousy.

    Now with Rudy Reyes - Dont get me started, I bailed him and his friend out of jail $12,000 and they stiffed me, let alone even thank me.

  9. Yup, Donna Lambert is jealous, Craig Beresh too. Most people can control themselves but not these two. They are making the entire community look like douche bags. And Eugene just keeps on working, ignoring it all and acting like a grown-up when he's half their age.

  10. Check out what Craig Beresh is doing in San Diego. ,Seems like he is getting the job done. I also take notice that San Diego ASA people do not mention anything about the efforts that his org is doing. It would seem to me that if SDASA is into helping MMJ reform that they would be all over this ballot initiative Beresh is doing. Yes let's see who is doing the work in San Diego and who is distracting and dividing the community.

  11. In response to the statements understand that the ones that are against this are involved with go to the site and you can stil see the video I shot and he has stolen and embed in his site under Eugene Davidovich. Now who wants to follow someone that steals someone else's work and claims it for their own per-motional needs. I am amazed by it all, with proof of him stealing and lying all provable sounds fishy to me. He is a psychopath as much as Ted Bundy was.
    He is there to promote his own goals and take all the information he can from you to play collectives against collectives, the one with the larger "Donation" gets's help.
    If not why didn't they help Wisdom Organics stay open? Because she mouthed off about him and she is now part of "The Thinning of The Herd". want proof, go to and see what they don't want you to know about their "secret deals".

  12. I noticed on that the banner for California NORML has been removed, why??

  13. Do you know what Donna Lambert and William W. West have in common? I do!

    They both like young men. Young gay men call William "Billy" in Hillcrest, El Cajon and in Downtown. He loves to take pictures of their behind and show them to Donna while they both take deep breaths with soooo much passion.

    Hay, being gay is not such a bad thing these days William or Billy, but being a jerk is, you said you will not show off the pictures of us together, but you did, you lied. There is no next time Billy, only the last time.

    Donna, I want to know what you were doing at the totally nude strip joint, your not even a lesbian, or are you?


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