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Sunday, January 16, 2011

THC show with ill e gal, Matthew James, and Jim Fowler

THC show with ill e gal, Matthew James, and Jim Fowler

Our first full two hour podcast, minus Dr. Dre's "The Roach" from the Chronic because I'm afraid to lose my account messing with major label songs. The video also features the crossover with Bear with Me show that airs right after THC on Saturdays.

The great news is that both THC & Bear with Me shows had their best weeks. More good news, youtube has now allowed the MikeCann page to upload unlimited length youtube videos. The bad news is we have to be ever cautious with what we upload with a huge channel that could be wiped out at any time with a copyright violation for missing a song that I need to edit out of our youtube podcasts.

SO, enjoy it while you can, you have this for now for as long as youtube leaves it up!

Yesterday's THC, Two Hotheads on Cannabis followed by Bear with Me?

Two shows finally firing on all cylinders.

Thank you to the crew and all our guests.

Mike Newman, Carmelita, Steven Epstein, Boby Bear especially.

And to John Loftus at for the opportunity.

Presenting our first full podcast of an episode of our show.

Yesterday's full two hour show fully uploaded on youtube with our first live studio musical performance! Tell us how you think it went. 1/15/2011

We covered much this week. Some of our discussion: Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis marijuana decrim rhetoric, the King of Pot copyright battle, Ill E Gal performing for an upcoming MassCann/NORML Boston Freedom Rally benefit, Massachusetts marijuana bills to be filed at the State House, and an update on Jim Fowler's Maine medical marijuana court case.

And the kickoff to Bear with Me show.

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