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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ron Paul Quotes Mike Cann? The Kudlow Report 02/14/11

Ron Paul: The Kudlow Report 02/14/11

Did Ron Paul read this response on Donald Trump?

See the video, his comment on Donald Trump, seems maybe he might have read the blog on it and quoted me? ;)  

Of course, I'm probably not the only person to point out Trump's BS.

"Congressman Ron Paul joins Larry Kudlow to discuss his recent CPAC straw poll victory, his reaction to comments from Donald Trump, the likelihood of defeating Barack Obama in 2012, the message of liberty, and various points from his speech at CPAC 2011."


  1. Mr. Cann,
    I read your blog often.
    When I'm on the road and missing it, Jess gives me the updates.
    Thank you for your support,
    Rep. Ron Paul

  2. ^Makes u wonder if that's really him^ :P

  3. you thought the tulip bulb mania bubble was bad well mike know you know the real one that's silently out there waiting to implode, one that's sure to have great effect on the americanskis

    read and heed my brethren of flp's

  4. hells yeah, i wonder iff'n it is the real r.p.!!!!

  5. That is not Ron Paul posting. But he might have indeed been sourcing my original thought on Trump's bluff. The link to the mikecann blog on it was posted in comments to his personal facebook. not unlikely to think he or another of his staff read my blog.


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