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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Utah SWAT Team murders man in his home

Utah SWAT Team murders man in his home

During a Sept. 16, 2010 raid by the Weber-Morgan Narcotics Strike Force, Todd Blair was shot and killed in his home. The Weber County District Attorney's Office has ruled the shooting justified under Utah law. Blair's family believes he was shot unnecessarily. Read the entire story at


  1. didn't we already see this one? not that it isn't still shocking

  2. I think shooting violation of open warrant they yell out police warrant yet no one is shown a warrant and you must be told where and what is being search see the constitution also this issue is not worth death of anyone therefore this amounts to an assault or attack which means you may defend yourselves this dude should have shot everyone braking in and defend himself I say this that is what i would do if i was not presented with a warrant and i was lead to the place they search if that is not correct then and open warrant to attack should be met with battle i say my bible states to fight


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