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Friday, February 25, 2011

Who is Niki Smokes?

Candidate for MassCann/NORML Board of Directors, Niki Snow.

My name is Niki and I've been with MassCann for one year. In that year, it seems I grew over night. I walked into my first Annual Members Meeting as a Telecommunications Technician, and I met some people that led me to my "here and now" as a Producer.

My experience in this past year is unparalleled by any other experience in my life time. I learned team work is essential to complete the most daunting tasks.. I am a masterful mediator and motivator. Even in midst of failure, a team's collaborative effort can make the most impossible feats.. possible. 

I am the Executive Producer and Creative Director for the radio show, "The Early Show with Niki & Sarah" on UNregular Radio.. I am an Associate Producer for the local television show Quiet Desperation filmed in Allston, airing on MyTV New England.

I believe I can bring a lot to the Board of MassCann/NORML. I have a lot of faith in our ability to work as a team.



  1. are you going to be running a political group I ask and was told that MassCann/NORML, is not a political group! And if so are you going to make it a political group ?


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