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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Four things you can do today for MA marijuana reform

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 **1. Write a letter to the editor, your local newspaper in response to their marijuana related coverage. Follow the links that are sent out on this list.

For sample letters, check out Steven Epstein's documented work.

**2. Email Your State Rep & Senator, get your friends to do the same.

**3. Join, re-new, donate more, or send your friends to donate to MassCann/NORML

**4. Post MassCann/NORML's website or our masscann facebook page to your twitter, facebook, myspace, other networked pages.

MassCann/NORML's new Board of Directors

Pictured from Left to Right, Chris Foye (photos) , Glenn Prescott (photos) , Steven Epstein (photos) , Darya Pechkouskaya (photos) , Niki Smokes (photos) , Mike Cann (photos) , Valerie Malta (photos) , Sara Melissa Arnold (photos) , Micaela McGuane (photos) , Bill Downing (photos) , Dave Tree (photos

Missing board members, John Madfis and Cara Crabb-Burnham.  

Photo: Sarah Sparks

Other Sarah Sparks photos from the Annual MassCann/NORML Members Meeting posted here.

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