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Saturday, March 12, 2011

John Murphy, Candidate for MassCann/NORML Board of Directors

My name is John Murphy and I have been a member of MassCann/NORML for about a year and a half. I have been to every board of directors meeting since February 2010.

Last year, I helped Steven Epstein with the MassCann table at the Extravaganja Rally that takes place in Amherst. I also helped collect signatures all across the state, from Watertown to Carver to Ashburnham and to Brookline to get the PPQs going. 

This year I have again volunteered to work at the MassCann table at Extravaganja.

I have set up a facebook profile just for educating and encouraging supporters of cannabis to take a stand. I have around 4,200 "friends" on this profile. I do this not only to educate and encourage supporters to get active, I also use it to spread events around and also to inform the people that there are local organizations in every state that fight to get cannabis legalized. This profile has made many people aware of the Boston Freedom Rally and also other events that are taking place in this state through out the year. For anyone interested in taking a look at what I'm talking about here is the profile;

So why should I be on the Board of Directors?
I can only say this, I'm 23 years old, I have fresh new ideas. And also new blood is always good for an organization to advance. The current board of directors doesn't have any young faces on it. Young faces attract the younger crowds which is what is needed to get cannabis reformed. We need to be going after the supporters and encouraging them to take a stand. I have been to more of the Board of Director meetings than some of the board members, I do believe that shows my eagerness to make change. 

So basically, I'm young, I like to volunteer, and I have pretty much devoted a large part of my life to getting the youth to wake up and take a stand on what they believe in. 


Saturday, March 19, 2011, 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
UNO CHICAGO GRILL (Pizzeria Uno), 287 Washington Street, Newton, MA


  1. I see you deleted my comment pointing out a few facts.... John murphy also advicates the legalization of heroin, meth, cocaine, and prostitution. Also if posting links from unsourcable blogs is really a major chunk of your life, that is pathetic. You have also used youf fb account to post pictures of gored people in car crashes or whatnot. Dont delete this comment unless you want people that you are not smart enough to defend these truths and are nothing but a wikipedia only "intellectual"

  2. Anonymous, it's not an unsourced blog, it's I'm the President of MassCann/NORML. Some of your comments are stupid and I feel do not add to our conversation. Unsourced? We have no idea who you are!

    Supporting legalizing other drugs and even prostitution? That's a crime? Not when you see that harm reduction not prohibition leads to more healthy communities!

  3. I removed the comments, John Murphy had nothing to do with it. This is my website. If you have something worthwhile to add do it. If you come here to just call somebody names? Not happening.

  4. I was talking about his facebook not this site as i refered to posting unsourced blogs... and im not trying to be a dick, i would hate to see masscann lose a great deal of credibility. I support the ideas this group stands for. Also yes all laws and prohabitions are stupid but heroin and prostitution will never add to a healthy community


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