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Friday, March 18, 2011

Keith Saunders, Candidate for MassCann/NORML Board

Greetings Fellow Reformers,

To our newest members, allow me to introduce myself:  I am a MassCann board member and sociologist whose work over the past 12 years has focused on drug policy and social movements; the marijuana policy reform movement, MassCann, and NORML, in particular.

I am seeking re-election to the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition/NORML because I use cannabis, and I am willing and able to stand up publicly in defense of myself and those who, for whatever reason, cannot. I would like to continue to serve on the board because I possess a unique set of assets I can contribute to MassCann while working in that capacity.  I have a Ph.D. in sociology from Northeastern for my study of marijuana policy reform groups and popular marijuana culture; I have worked with MassCann for over ten years, including serving on the board of directors for two terms and as President for six; and I am on NORML's national board of directors.  I have represented MassCann at NORML national conferences, Seattle Hempfests, and SSDP conferences, I have coordinated speakers for several Freedom Rallies, and I have been named High Times "Freedom Fighter of the Month".

I believe the freedom to use cannabis responsibly is inalienable.  Cannabis use is expression, it infiltrates and spices up speech, it is religion to those who believe, and it brings me and thousands of others to peaceably assemble each third Saturday in September on Boston Common.  

On the first Saturday of May this past year, I helped collect signatures in Jeff Sanchez's district, at the JP Wake Up the Earth Festival.  That same afternoon, I herded cats at the Global Marijuana March in downtown Boston, and later that night I staged the May Daze Fundraiser.  That event, and three others I organized this past term raised more than $1,200 for MassCann, and an additional $450 for the NORML Foundation.    In June I began hosting "The Boston Pot Report" as "The Most Dangerous Stoner in America"  MassCann and NORML are promoted on each show, as well as discussions of cannabis-related news, politics, and culture.  In-studio and call-in guests have included MassCann Officers and Directors: Mike Crawford, Steve Epstein, Scott Matalon, Scott Gacek, Lee Andron, and Bill Downing.  And, after years of searching, I found a home for MassCann's papers and ephemera.  They will soon be archived, along with NORML's, in Special Collections in the W.E.B. DuBois Library at UMass-Amherst.

This coming year, I look forward to keeping reform a front-burner issue in the Commonwealth: Testifying at State House hearings, grant-writing for test polling legalization legislation, organizing a multi-organizational Northeast regional cannabis reform conference, hosting fund raisers for the cause, and demonstrating through these efforts that cannabis users are not just normal, they are exceptional.

NORML Founder and Counsel R. Keith Stroup said this in late February 2011: "Keith: You certainly have my endorsement as a member of the board of MassCann/NORML.  As evidenced by your many years of service to the legalization movement in this country, you possess both the skills and the dedication to make a significant contribution to any board on which you serve, which is why we value your continued membership on the national NORML board of directors."

With these reasons in mind, I ask that one of your votes for director be in my favor.

Keith Saunders

Please join me at NORML’s 40th national conference in Denver, April 21-23, 2011. For more information check out, call toll-free 888-67-NORML or send an email to ‘

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