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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Marijuana Legalization Hearing in Washington State

Marijuana Legalization Hearing in Washington State

Marijuana activists, politicians, and former and current law enforcement officials spoke to the Washington State legislature in support (and against) of Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson's House Bill 1550, which would legalize cannabis and make it available for retail purchase in State-run liquor stores.


  1. I applaud Washington’s efforts toward legalization. While it does conflict with Federal law, it is the only path to change. If enough States stand up, the Fed must realize that things need to change – and they do.

  2. Dumbest idea ever! More lazy Americans destroying a once great country. Pot is legal in Mexico...they sure are doing great with all that crime. The Dutch are not very far off, screw pot and grow up.

  3. Mexicans use pot less than Americans. Who's lazy in their thinking, Anonymous, above?


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