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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy 4/20 Boston!

Happy 4/20 wherever you are!

Boston events, today!

***Midnight, Tufts University roof, hundreds of partaking students to be expected.

***Green Side Up Customer Appreciation Day, 11:00am until 4:20pm with live bands, raffles, and the Boston Local Music Show broadcasting live, Great Scott, Allston.

***420 Boston, KOP & Mike Cann 

Mount Mary Jane, Boston Common, meet at the top of the big hill! 3-4:20pm. Flash mob of 4:20 celebrating.

ATTENTION: About tomorrows Meeting between KOP & MIKE CANN: Please be courteous and KIND to any 5-0 that may be present in the Park. We want to represent our community as an educated and peaceful culture. Please do not openly smoke in front of any law enforcement or children. Please be discreet. The entire event is being filmed by KOP PRODUCTIONS.COM.
Some more important information for tomorrow on MT MARYJANE in BOSTON. If you are stopped by Police or Park rangers, be polite but assertive and remember these lines if approached unreasonably: 1) "Officer, I do not consent to any searches", 2) Officer I know my rights, this is a civil infraction only punishable by a fine. 3) Officer, am I free to go?, If he detains you further than request a Lawyer and remain silent.
We will be handing out prizes from our sponsors to anybody wearing a Mike Cann, 420mass, MassCann, NORML, or KOP t-shirts!

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