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Monday, April 4, 2011, MassCann Members Meeting Preview, Dave Tree Lifetime MassCann/NORML Membership, MassCann Members Meeting Preview, Dave Tree Lifetime MassCann/NORML Membership

Mike Cann breaks the agenda & Roberts Rule of Order to allow a Glenn Prescott motion that would award Dave Tree's work with a lifetime membership. Chris Foye seconded the motion. Tree is already a MassCann/NORML Lifetime Achievement Award winner.

More to come from this members meeting and the election at


  1. it says it alllll...........

  2. question how many life time members to mass cann have ? and now that there is one
    does that mean anyone who is in the same measure
    can be elected as a member for life > please advise

  3. Anonymous, there are others who have paid and been granted liftetime membership, the second question you are asking our website a question that would best asked at the next masscann/norml members meeting. Personally, I don't think it's a bad idea to honor somebody like this every year or two. When it merits it.


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