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Friday, May 6, 2011

Fox News Republican Debate? The Fix is in for Herman Cain

Herman Cain
My thoughts on the first Fox News Republican Presidential Debate?

The first thing I notice is that liberty supporters, Ron Paul and Gary Johnson have been placed on the outside podium spots of the stage. Typically you will find that front runners draw the middle podium spots which garner more camera time. So how does Herman Cain (never elected, with virtually no name recognition) draw a better podium spot than the guy (Ron Paul) that has raised the most money and has the highest national poll numbers of any candidate on the stage? Hmm..

Governor Gary Johnson at one point in the debate actually complained that the same candidates kept getting all the questions. Johnson in my opinion had every right to complain.

Herman Cain seemed to get three times the amount of questions than he did.

No shocker that Fox News' corporate news pollster, Frank Lutz pumps up that his independent group of SC GOP voters have selected Herman Cain as the winner. 

I wonder if Lutz gets a bonus for coming up with pre-determined results?

Something that bothers me about Cain right out of the box? That he won't give any definitive answer on the wars.

Cain as a former KANSAS CITY Federal Reserve chief and Fortune 500 executive, would seem an unlikely choice to be running as a populist.

To anybody but Fox News, who didn't even raise the issue.

Is Herman Cain pre-ordainly picked by Fox News?

Fox News, Fairly Unbalanced.

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  1. Your analysis is poor because you haven't compared past presidential debates to see if Fox does the same. Also, Cain was Chairman of the KANSAS CITY Federal Reserve NOT St. Louis which means you should probably fact check yourself a little better.

  2. yes FOX NEWS has been up to games for years with their Presidential DEBATES. My analysis is spot on. They put the front runners in the center. Ron Paul in that field polls the best and raises the most money, they put him on the end. Take a look at the past debates with Rudy in the beginning (when he was a front runner, John McCain, Mitt Romney and then Hillary, Obama always in the center...

    Fact checking? I wish I had an editor. But that's what my readers are for. Thank you. Corrected.


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