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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Photo of newly free, Jeffrey Barnard

High Mike,
I recently just met Jeffrey & Family. I had a surgery on April 26th and have been pretty much in bed and on my ass for this whole thing. Tuesday was my first day out of the Church and my foot was blue and numb by the time I got back home. I am going to the Mainepeace Jam this weekend in a wheel chair and they will be propping me up on stage with a mike

Just as I was medicating Jeffrey at 3pm after court on tuesday, I got a frantic call for help from another group of friends that had been raided at noon... check this link,  

I have known these guys for ten years and really all the cops did was rip up a medical grow. They are trying to make a lot more out of it to justify the raid I believe. I am hearing of many cases now where the Maine cops are busting in SWAT style, but chilling out when they find it's a medical situation. If they believe it is medical they are giving people the chance to regester and get a card, and grandfathering them under the old law, leaving six flowering plants. Not all the time I am sure but I am hearing many cases handled this way.

Photo by Judy Harrison off her cell phone after court. This was their very first hug with Jeffrey as a Free Man. Tears of joy were streaming down both their faces, I am just glad to have played a small part of making this moment happen..

Photo by John Clarke Russ, taken on Jeffrey's Bible just before going into court, shows Jeffrey was in compliance with the Maine State Law.
Things are popping here in Maine, stay tuned, and thanks for posting my crazy stuff from time to time, and ohhhh yea, you might enjoy this bit of fun, pass it around.

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