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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Quiet Desperation tv show says no thanks to censoring marijuana humor

Metropolitan Pictures pulls Quiet Desperation tv show

Quiet Desperation and Rob Potylo on Bill Binnie. MY TV New England's new owner likes to censor marijuana humor that is within FCC guidelines.

"Bill Binnie is a long time Republican who ran unsuccessfully for the US Senate has had a career marred by controversies involving overseas labor, political contributions, and business ethics, has been investigated by the US House Committee on Oversight, and now owns our station, says Rob Potylo, writer and director for the show. "Last week they ran an informorcial for tooth whitening, instead of a repeat broadcast they had already aired, simply because of the new owner's personal taste. He already wants us to remove humor related to marijuana and bleep words that do not violate TV MA-18 standards.... I know Quiet D has mass appeal that is undeniable, and we're willing to stand by that."

Tune into tonight 9-11pm for Rob Potylo and Bigg Nez from on this press release.

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