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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stephen Colbert Talks Citizens United At FEC

My friends have alerted me to Mr. Colbert's actions. He's pretty hilarious and right on the mark. The FEC; big surprise, federal government always equals a bad joke. They exclude working musicians, actors, newsmakers, politicians with paying corporate tv  and radio jobs from running but allow the same people to raise unlimited funds through a PAC for now or the future? It's like you can do steroids today that will last forever but you can't do them when you actually compete!

Get rid of the FEC, they do more harm than good.

FEC, we just do red tape to discourage the forever not corporately funded. 

I'm with Colbert, I want my UNLIMITED CORPORATE FUNDS, EXXON MOBILE contact me. Once I have 7 million on Twitter, I'm running for President!

Federal Election Commission, stifling the small guy is all you can expect.

I hope Colbert wins his appeal.

There's is a level of genius here absolutely.

Who will Colbert spend his money on promoting? Himself who won't be running? Or maybe a drug legalizer?

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