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Monday, June 20, 2011

Boycott Malden, MA?

Dear City Council of Malden MA,

I would like to ask you why you thought it was a good idea to re-criminalize cannabis in you city?

Fun FACTS From -- City Clerk of Malden

YES - 12,642
NO - 6,805
Blank Ballots - 1,181
Total - 20,628

65% - Malden Residents Approved of Decriminalization of Marijuana 

Now, these are your numbers as reported by your clerk. Why would you blatantly disrespect your residents? Why do you think it is ok to fall in line with less than 1/3 of the total population on Malden? Is Malden no longer a democracy?

I am 25 years old married to an Iraq veteran both college educated and we were very seriously considering purchasing a home in Malden. There are many beautiful homes in your city as very reasonable prices. You have safe neighborhoods and lovely parks. I would have been so happy to pay property taxes, and spend lots of money at your local shops, dine in the downtown area, I was ready to be a Oak Grove commuter. No longer. I will not be moving to Malden until you repeal this absurd decision and listen to the people of Malden.

I think that this behavior is not only disrespectful to the people of Malden but to the people of Massachusetts. It is absurd to over ride the will of the people you claim to council. You should be embarrassed and ashamed of the actions you have taken. Shame on you.

Cara Crabb-Burnham


  1. why is this not a top concern of all MA residents,let our leaders know they have there position because of us and if they fail to exicute the will of the people they will surely be cast from office as fast as they arrived.

    no career politians

  2. northampden is a police state after dark(know where your going, some cherry-headed sunglass clad officer will be sure to ask you)


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