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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rochester Police Arrest Woman in Her Front Lawn For Filming Traffic Stop

Rochester Police Arrest Woman in Her Front Lawn For Filming Traffic Stop

On May 12th, A Rochester woman was arrested for taping a traffic stop in front of her 19th Ward Home. She was standing in front of her house with a hand held recording device when the arrest happened. Officer Mario Masic, Rochester Police Department, executed the illegal arrest.

Video released by Rochester Independent Media Center


  1. Hi Mike, great website and please keep up the good work! I am a FIRM believer/supporter in marijuana legalization, but that’s another story. My impression after watching the video is that the police officers were not only professional, but acted with-in their right. If the officer did not feel safe with her presence behind him during a traffic stop, then who are we to second guess him? Sure, chances are this woman did not have a concealed weapon, a hidden weapon nearby or was not jacked up on X, meth or something else. But the fact was, she and those with her were a distraction that was not needed. It takes less than a 2-3 second distraction during a traffic stop for something to go horrible wrong.
    Obviously this woman had a hidden agenda other than “just wanting fresh air”, or she would have complied with the officers repeated request to go in side. At the end of the day, we don’t have to like the police, but jeopardizing their safety and the safety of the guy who was pulled over is dumb. This woman knowingly created distraction and drama to an already high stress situation. It’s scary to think what could have happened if during the cops interaction with the woman; the guy who was being pulled over had an itch and made a quick move to scratch it. Stupidity on the woman’s part could have quickly turned into a major crisis situation. Anyhow, I know its popular to hate the police and most will disagree with me. But thanx for letting me voice my opinion and again, thank you for all you do to aid in marijuana legalization.



  2. Hey Robert,
    I think the woman's agenda was obvious to film the police in the traffic stop in front of her house. I think they should not have arrested her even after she did not comply to their order. This subject interests me because I've been in the same situation but was not arrested for filming law enforcement. Thanks for your comment.

  3. robert unless your a fical officer who holds no accountablity to the civiliain population you supposed to be protecting,why would you not stand for your fellow humans rights? only reason cops need to be filmed is because you cowards shudder at the slightest implication of being held accountable for you extreme and often illegal actions. I've been pulled over 3 times in the past monther with now charges,tickets, nothing just having my rights trampled(if you ever head to ludlow or springfield see how much you like their cowards.on.partol or cops for short as they treat you an enemy force instead of a resident or tourist they'll love you servitile self there robert,people like you make me sad to be apart of the human race) -Freedom

  4. orders she has liberty and is not under arrest clearly the police are upset for taping and going to jail frankly is fine she is upset and should be
    frighten and i think the police state is at hand and this cop should be charge with abuse of powers under color of law and charge under federal law title 18 242 and 243 and 245 clauses as well as 1983 case
    please seek a lawyer
    to video form your own property or side walk or be arrest cause the police feel not safe is joke there is no law as to and the issue of a direct order is if the order is lawful the very case question I had in DRURY vs Gardner police .

  5. I want a warrant for our PUBLIC OFFICIALS to come on to my property. This is more evidence that we are in a military state. To be able to just say you are threatening us and can arrest.... that is too much power for any human over another human. As well as Robert she was well in her rights too and conducted her self well.

  6. If this cops spidey sense was tingling, he should have put on a mask and webbed her up vigilante style. His orders were illegal, and he had no justification to invade her private property and make an illegal arrest. He didn't feel 'safe' with the lady having rights? I do not feel safe with this criminal possessing a badge.

  7. The Cop claims he felt threatened yet he continued with the arrest, he turned his back to the woman in doing so, several other police had their backs to her paying her no attention, and the cop who supposedly felt threatened had no problem with those others also watching yet not filming. He must prove a reason for feeling threatened and not simply make a demand based on his feeling superior.

    Why is he allowed to deny himself being taped? If you were pulled over by this same cop, you would be taped and you have no rights to tell him to turn off the camera. You might feel threatened by traffic red light cameras, by store or workplace cameras. If you walk down the road, this woman has every right to tape you walking by, why does this cop get to demand she turn off the camera?

    That answer he does not have such a right, not unless he can prove hi felt his safety was in jeopardy and based on the other facts, that simply is not true.


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