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Friday, July 1, 2011

Ron Paul clobbers Bill O'Reilly on US Foreign Policy

Ron Paul clobbers Bill O'Reilly on US Foreign Policy


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  1. Did Iran come here, overthrow our Government and install a puppet dictator that they own, who imposed their form of government on us, no they did not, we did that to them (the Shaw) and now the war mongers in our Government and the media want us to do it again even though it was unconstitutional, wasteful, needlessly killed untold numbers of innocent civilians and promoted hate toward the USA around the world. It was a complete fiasco!

    The further WE THE PEOPLE allow our Government to get from the Constitution the more trouble we get into.

    US policy must return to Constitutionally Limited Government, Constitutional Liberty, Constitutional Rights, Sound Money, Fiscal Responsibility and Free Markets! That is exactly what Ron Paul stands for.

    Ron Paul in 2012 or sooner!


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