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Monday, July 25, 2011

Sheriff under investigation for gifting seized marijuana to cancer patient

GBI investigating Turner Co. Sheriff- WALB News10

"The Sheriff of Turner County in Georgia is the target of a criminal investigation.

WALB News 10 has learned that Sheriff Roy Wiley is being investigating for possibly removing a large amount of marijuana from his crime evidence room and giving it to a cancer patient."

If Sheriff Wiley survives the witch hunt he should set up a program to redistribute all seized black market marijuana in his county to qualified patients who really need it. This is a great idea.  Giving it away to qualified patients vs. destroying it?  Give it away, if you really want to hurt the profits of black market dealers, reduce crime, and actually help people.

This Sheriff obviously understands that marijuana is good medicine.

Check out the Turner County Sheriff's Office website.

1 comment:

  1. I back Roy Wiley all the way. Wasn't much of a friend that told on him...he was trying to help her and now he looks like the bad guy. Not in my eyes he don't.


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