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Monday, August 15, 2011

Do You Want Sarah Palin To Enter The Presidential Race? NOOOOO!

FOX NEWS Frank Luntz media trickery

Frank Luntz "Sean (Hannity), you don't know how to ask the question."

Mr. Frank Luntz shows us all how it is done, programming, propaganda, sowing seeds of consent through media trickery.

"It's not what you ask, but how they hear it."

FOX News took down the original video with a panel being asked questions on the electability of Sarah Palin, I'm not a Palin supporter, just reporting the video I originally posted clearly shows some strangeness with Frank Luntz and his use of words for paid political ends.


  1. Think about this ! Sara could be the first women president ! JOY!!!! Just like Obama being the first black president, Joy !!!!
    I would like to be the first poor president!
    Vote for me and I will set you free!!


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