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Wednesday, August 31, 2011!?!

Some saw this coming. Lawyer Jon Eardley penned this letter to Britney three days before her second involuntary psychiatric commitment (excerpts, emphasis ours):
“Dear Britney:
I had not been paying much attention to your case, until the LAPD and your ex-husband’s lawyer conspired to have you falsely arrested and thrown into a 72-hour involuntary lock-down at Cedars.”
“You may not be aware of the fact that your civil rights were violated pursuant to 42 U.S.C. 1983 et al.… as a result of these actions and the significant implications of those actions with respect to our custody case.”
“After having practiced law for years in Los Angeles, I find myself, at many times sickened by the corruption of the downtown court system. However, your case is the worst I have ever seen because they are unabated in the systematic destruction of your character and reputation; and they will not be happy until they have denied you your freedom and milked you for your last dime. The custody case, as you know, is nothing more than a flat out extortion scheme, with your children being used as pawns.”
“When the LAPD forced their way into your house for not handing your children over to a “bodyguard” of your ex-husband, they had no probable cause to search and seize your home, or to make any such entry..”
“Commissioner Gordon… was quick to deny you all of your visitation rights, even before Cedars issued its evaluation that you were not under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol.”
“Commissioner Gordon clearly is biased against you. He is clearly accepting media reports as evidence; additionally, he is considering declarations provided by Kaplan, based upon Kaplan’s knowledge of things and events that he unlawfully obtained at your house.”
“…Your case will continue to spiral until they have denied you your freedom, your children and your assets.”
“Please recognize that aside from some anxiety and depression, which are totally normal under these circumstances, there is nothing wrong with you. but that the court system routinely engages in character assassination to conceal its internal bias and to break you down… What they ultimately want is to get you into a conservatorship; at that point, your freedom will be denied, giving them the full opportunity to steal all of your money and to deny you any access to your children.”

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