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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Frugality and online coupons

In tough economic times coupons make sense for shoppers in all income brackets. If you are not searching for an online coupon before shopping online, you are throwing away your hard earned dollars. One very positive thing to say about online coupons is that they are very easy to use and do not kill trees.

I use them often and always search for them before purchasing. Do you have any favorite online coupon websites? I know on my next round of purchasing eyeglasses that I may indeed use this coupon below from Frames Direct.

But always keep this is mind about sales and coupons with a quote from Amy Dacyczyn from her “The Tightwad Gazette”:

“Readers frequently send me sales slips to demonstrate how much they save using coupons. With bold sweeps of colored markers they circle the figure that shows how much the coupons used added up to. They’re circling the wrong figure. The most important figure on your sales slip is how much you spend on groceries not how much you save using coupons."

More quotes on being frugal!

"He who does not economize will have to agonize"--Confusius

"Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely"--Rodin

"Being frugal does not mean being cheap! It means being economical and avoiding waste." --Catherine Pulsifer

"By sowing frugality we reap liberty, a golden harvest." --Agesilaus

"Without frugality none can be rich, and with it very few would be poor." --Samuel Johnson

"The trouble with the profit system has always been that it was highly unprofitable to most people." --E.B. White

"I went to the bank and reviewed my savings, I found out I have all the money I'll ever need. If I die tomorrow." --Henry Youngman

And a paid sponsored link below, 1/2 off frames and many other coupons here:

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