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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Skunk's Top Pot Activist's and CelebStoner's Glaring Omissions

Skunk's Top Pot Activist's and CelebStoner's Glaring Omissions

Happy to see it reported that I wasn't on the list before I actually saw the list!

As a "glaring omission", I join a nice list including B-Real, Montel Williams, Ethan Nadelmann, Radical Russ, and others that should be on Skunk's list.

Either way, it's a great list and especially nice to see some fellow Massachusetts activists on it, especially Steven Epstein, my co-host on The THC Show, who definitely had to be noted.

Other "Glaring Omissions" from MA, I will add right off the top of my head from Massachusetts are Bill Downing & Scott Matalon with MassCann/NORML. Mr. Downing handles all the vending at the Boston Freedom Rally. Mr. Matalon is the Allston Board of Trade President and has helped MassCann land bigger contracts for the Rally and substantial sponsorships with major media. The hard work of the three of us over the last couple of years with support from our musical acts has generated MassCann/NORML a bank account and a steady, longer term revenue stream that makes the org for the first time, an actual political force in the state of Massachusetts. MassCann/NORML always had the grassroots but never an actual plan on how to increase their bank account. Now we do. And it's about to pay off huge dividends over the next four years.

I'd also add Whitney Taylor to this list. I know some of my biggest local readers and supporters, might wonder why? How can you wonder why? She led Massachusetts' ballot initiative to decriminalized marijuana. Results matter. She brought results. Just like Scott Matalon, Steven Epstein, Bill Downing and myself. Results matter. That's why these folks have my vote.

Poll on facebook related to this. Please vote and add anybody you think is bringing results to Massachusetts in regards to changing marijuana policy.

I'm making a list in the same spirit for and would like input from the community (you) on who I might be missing or not thinking about highly enough.

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  1. Radical Russ was the first person that I ever heard speak in real time about the movement. I would come home from work every day and listen to NORML's Audio Stash, Puff, and really think about how I could help.



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