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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ron Paul, "A gallon of gas costs a silver dime. Inflation is the problem."

Ron Paul,"A gallon of gas costs a silver dime. Inflation is the problem."

Republican Presidential Debate, 9/7/2011

Ron Paul responds to Michelle Bachman's claims that she can get gas down to $2 a gallon as President. Ron Paul says gas prices today cost one silver dime per gallon and that inflation is the problem.


  1. I'm gonna have to disagree with Dr Paul on this point. It's not inflation that's raising gas prices... it's the fact we have no oil refineries to process the crude! We could have all the oil wells in KS and OK and TX up and running again and crude flowing like water, and gas would STILL be the price it is now. Why? Because it's more profitable for the oil companies to continue to short-supply us and price gouge then it would be to put that money into building new petroleum refineries. Gov't wants to make a mandate? Madate we get some up to date refineries built, not just for Ethenol! Have China help... they've brought about a half dozen online in the past few years.

    Momma T

  2. How can you disagree when despite all the facts you made, gas still only costs a dime. A silver dime...Yes allowing new oil refiniries would help but not as much as having sound money.

  3. ummm... I heard him say it was worth $4 on the tonight show. So I went and googled the spot-price of a silver dime (i.e. the value of silver in the aforementioned dime). It was worth $2.32 on that day; today it's $2.22 for a roosevelt, mercury or barber dime. You can buy silver dimes by the pound, They aren't hard to come by (you can buy them by the bag). I'm perfectly willing to trade one for a gallon of gas.

    I guess Ron does have about a dime's worth of wisdom (i.e. practically none). The real question is whether he's ignorant, stupid, or lying, (anyone of which disqualifies him for office).

    Of course everyone will just accuse me of being a "liberal"; why? because I'm smart enough to check on these kind of things?

    Anyone want to buy a silver dime off me for $3.50??? (I figure I can clear an easy $1300 per 100 count in profit)

    anyone... anyone... Beuhler???


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