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Monday, October 3, 2011

Challenging Occupy Boston's no medical cannabis rule!

Challenging Occupy Boston's no medical cannabis rule!

We head down to Occupy Boston and hear some speeches, interview a handful of attendees, and challenge the no medical cannabis majority vote with civil disobedience.

I speak about alternative local non fiat commerce, Ithaca Hours to hurt Wall Street with majority silent applause from the audience.

Heather of Solo Sexx gathers MA medical marijuana initiative signatures.


  1. That second guy you interviewed sounded just like a Ron Paul supporter. Ron Paul calls for competing currencies, ending corporate welfare and ending the wars.

  2. the 99% must have leaders its now time to stand up and make change the money system can be change by vote and by action taken by the people and those who represent us the towns can start we can move our cost by this means
    we can and should have have few goals not ever thing or every concept in heart the people the issue is the money one of the best resources is a congress book on the history of the republic best way to have and end to Fed is to refuse all banking require payment every day like bible says have god on your side many can rally on the vote 4 Ron Paul and many more can organize the continuum as long as it takes make them wonder >>> great news mike can you used a cannon ???

  3. The time is right to stand up and be heard...

    IRS Say's No Deductions for MMJ Collectives...


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