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Monday, October 31, 2011

The Obama Administration officially considers marijuana to be just as dangerous as heroin

The Obama Administration officially considers marijuana to be just as dangerous as heroin

Reality based commentary on marijuana prohibition, the US Senate, The Obama Administration, and their use of booze to hide from themselves.

"Marijuana is as dangerous as heroin!" = Obama Administration stance on drug scheduling.


  1. Meanwhile, Obama's favourite recreational psychoactive drug (ethanol) has been not only proven to be as dangerous as heroin/ di morphine, but to quote Dr. Alex Wodak, "We need to make alcohol as big an issue as heroin". This was stated in 2004 and the alcohol cartels and their Government servants, instead, try to equate cannabis with heroin, while they equate ethanol with the word 'drink', even if it kills 6000+ in Australia p.y. and 75,000 in the U.S. Simple fact of the matter is that Obama does not give a damn about drug taking, drug dealing, drug pushing, drug manufacturing and having drug culture - as long as it's his drugs, his drug dealers, his drug pushers, traffickers and cartels etc. Meanwhile, a person who is supposedly against slavery, bullying, discrimination etc. is nothing but a legal drug addled dictator who takes a neurotoxic drug on par with heroin, while denying people a medicine and recreation at 40,000:1 LD 50. Why do you think drug dictators and supremacists threw the International Criterias of Harm, Efficacy and safety in the garbage and replaced it with an apartheid discrimination drug policy that states one collective is all good, the other collective is all bad.

  2. If cannabis is so harmful, why does the US Department of Health and Human Services hold Patent 6630507 on cannibinoids compounds and compositions?


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