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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Occupy Boston described by Garret John LoPorto on WTKK 96.9 FM

Occupy Boston described by Garret John LoPorto on 96.9 FM

So today we headed down to the Counter Cult Occupy Boston and we again have issues with those who are organizing this event. We will get into that in more full detail later with supporting video.

The end result of our trip is that we did not see Garret John LoPorto as we had hoped.

We can report that we did chat with another self-indentified organizer who denied knowing Garret John LoPorto despite that she had minutes before described his looks, his hair specifically and denied he was their leader before angrily storming off and refusing to continue the discussion..

She seemed quite upset that he might be called their leader and then I get home and find him on Boston radio described as one of their main organizers..

Today on 96.9 FM, our previous dispatches proving true, Mr. Loporto introduced as one of the key organizers of Occupy Boston.

See our previous posts on Garret John LoPorto below:

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