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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Occupy Boston, Liberty champion asks is Garret LaPorto a pied piper Wayseer?

Occupy Boston, Liberty champion asks is Garret Wayseer LaPorto a pied piper?

Bob Dwyer of Mass LPA weighs in with on the ground reporting, this from a true seasoned organizer's point of view, a Patriot who has been supporting the occupuation and especially the message of, End The Fed for years.

New footage: Garett John LoPorto, Wayseer 2011 Occupy Boston leg of their tour!

Ask questions of the non Union leadership. We want names, histories, background checks, affiliations. I always gladly supply mine online, in person and especially with media interviews. The 99% PR psy-ops campaign is a shield for their leaders not to be forced to use their names and affiliations and funding sources in their local television interviews? We have no leaders, we are leaderless? This is bunk, they have leaders and are led with power. Don't believe the hype otherwise.

I want to be very clear on where I stand.

I support Unions 100% and I urge you today to call your Congress Reps in support of a big union action today against three new proposed trade deals.

I called mine Rep. Capuano on no on new trade deals today. 

From a very good friend today on facebook.

"We need phone calls right now. A bipartisan group of lawmakers is ready to throw hundreds of thousands of workers under the bus by voting for three rotten trade agreements. The Korea deal alone will displace 159,000 American jobs in the first seven years. Call your representative and urge them to vote NO on the Korea, Colombia and Panama trade agreements? Hurry—the vote is today. Call 1-800-718-1008 now. Urge your representative to stop all three unfair trade deals."

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