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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Occupy Boston, Wayseer Manifesto for Obama?

Occupy Boston, Wayseer Manifesto for Obama?

Opens with a lie and then goes to "drink the kool-aid!"

"How long is this going on for?"

"As long as it takes (to program these folks to properly fight against their own interests)".

Funny he talks about corruption and powers that be corrupting our ideas but he uses Martin Luther King and Ghandi to sell his monthly Wayseer subscription that to me is akin to late night TV informational hucksterism.

Do you think MLK and Ghandi would approve of their use of them in this Wayseer propaganda video?

No way.

Waysayer Manifesto video: full of programming propaganda for the weak minded, easily controlled.

The lowdown on Garret LoPorto and the Wayseer Manifesto

Garret LaPorto The Waysayer, speaks at MIT on how he programs people. The video he doesn't want you to see! Discussing his use of identity marketing/politics, which Obama used to get elected the first time around. On an MIT panel with big time Democratic Operative, Joe Trippi.

The Wayseer Manifesto, the test run, warm up for the bigger show?


  1. Great post. I want to know more about this guy LaPorto. What is his secret agenda? Its a touchy subject. I think he is just trying to empower himself by getting all kinds of followers. Lukeorb compares his broad approach to that of Obamas, which totally worked. He is just trying to gain support for himself. If you are already awake, you dont need someone to tell you. He makes it sound like he is trying to empower the people, but then those people will gloryify him. He will pull a 180 eventually. This kind of stuff is hard to talk about for me, im smoking from the ears.

  2. Rob - maybe you should do some research before you go blasting away. You know nothing about "this guy LaPorto", you didn't even spell his name right, but you go slamming him without a thought. Shame on you.

  3. WE can stop the fed and its easy , The people must file a class action law suit take the issue to court because it not constitutiona; under art 1 section 10 we boycot the banks dont used them refuse check payments use silver and gold . for money or any exchange which is a postive reather then a debt note
    note this for form of government is a constitutional republic no where will you see the D word in any of the federalist papers in fact it rules the D word out and invokes the republic form which means government under law , this flim goes to show how we patriots must educate the public on what is happening [please read book " They own it all including U } by ronald MacDonald robert howen M.D.


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