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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The THC Show on, 10/8/2011

The THC Show on, 10/8/2011

Occupy Boston, Maine State Rep. Diane Russell,, Easty's VIP Ball, Bristol, CT's rapper, Fury who is running for Mayor, Big Ol' Dirty Bucket and much more!
Don't miss our THC Show 1 Year Anniversary Party!

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  1. there is a few people ( young and impressable ) who listen to the songs and due to there set prosition in dispear ,,, adopte such values which is the rap seen next question is sufficient evidence to support the statement
    which is simple to view all rappers rap them saeelfs woth foolish porms , The word relationships that insight a messsage with no solution and resolves no leadership they also wear there pants below there butts that statemeent says it all , and beat to rap is like being in fight a continuim of bing bong bang over and over and over at full volume too flipping lip mow wow who things they say is problemadic in sprit and in words with nothing more then the blame game music that has depression at its heart /


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