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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Asking Congressman Steven Lynch about repeal of marijuana prohibition

Nightside with Dan Rea on WBZ radio, my call asking and relaying info to Congressman Steven Lynch about Ron Paul, Barney Frank repeal of marijuana prohibition bill.

Quotes from Congressman Steven Lynch on the call and question about whether he will support the bill.

"Yeah, yeah, I have mixed feelings on that to be honest with you, are we talking about legalizing marijuana, there has to be some controls on it."

"We have a structure where we do have a national oversight of what drugs gets approved it's very tough to say one drug gets put out 50 different ways"

"But let me say this I can be persuaded, I just am not persuaded yet because I don't have enough information."

"Mike Cann, "Thank you gentlemen."

Congressman Lynch, "Thank you, Mike, thank you too."

Congressman Lynch predictably did not promise to support the bill but did not ultimately rule it out.

Contact your Congress representatives.

Call starts at around 27 minutes into the podcast. 

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