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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Death threats against women and children by SD-ASA?

Death threats against women and children by SD-ASA?

Donna Lambert interviews an anonymous woman on death threats that she said came from ASA San Diego's Eugene Davidovich.

Lambert also claims that she received a Davidovich death threat.

The anonymous women states that she filed a police report against Davidovich.

I've sent facebook messages to both Don Duncan and Eugene Davidovich asking for their comment.

Davidovich posted this on his facebook in response to Casper Leitch posting and inquiring about the video.

"The video is bogus and manipulated crap. The video shows how unstable Donna Lambert, Bill West, and Craig Beresh are for promoting and creating such a video. CRADONNABILL are real life detractors who attempt to stop activists from doing activism. These people should be ignored, avoided, and sued. I plan on file a restrainig order as well as a civil suit here shortly against this continued slander and harassment. In the meantime....Casper, I would appreciate if you didnt repost this nonsense."

William West will be calling into Saturday's THC Show to discuss this ongoing controversy.

The THC Show and we publicly offer the same for Davidovich and Duncan, our forum to respond.

Terrie Best of San Diego ASA on accusatory video


  1. Kind of hard to say anything about it when your caught, whats just as bad are the's board members knowing Eugene Davidovich stole a patients work to self promote himself and the A.S.A. name, Teflon Don Duncan knows this, I personally knew Don since 2005-2010, He knows I was a freelance photographer as was known as the one who documented San Diego's struggles in the Medical Marijuana in pictures, another picture stolen and claimed as Eugene Davidovich was in West Coast Leaf and I wrote to Chris Conrad and told him it was my picture, Has anyone ever seen Eugene Davidovich with a camera or video-recorder. Nuff said..

  2. Hey Bill!!! (Kristen) First, I have no clue about this except to say I believe Bill, he has been a true activist from the start and if any person connected with SD's ASA did anything of the such he is certainly snake oil salesman tricking the brave folks of SD ASA- btw, Occupy SD's looking interesting, say the word and I'm home! Heck, fight the enemy you KNOW, eh? how are you?


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