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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Terrie Best of San Diego ASA on accusatory video

Responding to some of my public questions on Eugene Davidovich's facebook page Terrie Best of San Diego ASA gives some specifics on this video.

"I have most of Donna, Craig and Bill's slander over the course of 22 months now. There are 519 files in my directory...."

"Donna Lambert, after a City Council meeting, drummed up a story that a prohibitionist felt threatened when the woman spoke about her students, against the dispensary ordinance....."

"Donna has now rounded up the prohibitionist and manipulated her into discrediting Eugene. They both win, Donna gets to discredit Eugene and the prohibitionist gets to discredit the movement."

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  1. Mary Juana Donna
    I do believe with 100% of my being that Eugene Davidovich is a paid informant. I could be wrong, however there was nothing that could be said to convince my attorney that Eugene was anything other than full fledged fed. A friend who was around when the 4 stores were set up in 2008 believed Eugene to be a FEd. I am on the fence about that but I do believe he and Terrie are BOTH paid informants. I think he he first threatened me to get me to go away after I witnessed his practicing lie after lie on people that came to my house, building a totally false story that even took parts from me.
    It was bizarre. Since this stranger was so interested in who pulled strings around town, I told him Dion M was burnt out and wanted to leave ASA. And that ASA leader would have alot of power. He took Dion out to lunch several times, an anonymous call to sheriff, Dion arrested kid taken wife in jail, plea bargain to leave county 18 months, Eugene stranger from nowhere already a suspected informant now has reigns of ASA, rids group of all who know the truth, then brings in Narc Terrie Best who is 100% for sure a narc as she bragged about geting extra charges put in my case which were then charged two days after. It goes on and on, I am preparing a full disclosure and sending it to all govt agencies and news media outlets. Every time I get to a certain point of this story the police come to my house with a fake excuse such as "911 hangup call" or "wrong address" - talk soon.

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