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Sunday, November 13, 2011

THC Show, San Diego ASA medical marijuana

THC Show, San Diego ASA medical marijuana

The THC Show on, 11/12/2011, Hosted by Mike Cann & Steven Epstein with William West, Donna Lambert, Craig Beresh, a statement from American for Safe Access's Don Duncan, discussing problems, infighting and accusations related to medical marijuana in San Diego.


  1. Donna Lambert, really? She's a fucking joke

  2. Wrong!!!Donna Lambert exposed and continues to expose the HorseShit that that the ASA,it's supposed leader(snitch),and other ASA cronies do/did to wreck havoc on the zoning laws in San Diego...Fuck the ASA and fuck that ex junkie clown on WeedWars as well...

  3. If Donna Lambert, Craig Beresh, and William West spent half the energy they devote to defaming ASA to MMJ activism...

    I support Steph and Eugene


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