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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mom speaks on child rapist confidential police informant linked to Bish, Piirainen cases?

WCVB, Child rapist linked to Bish, Piirainen cases?

Molly Bish's mother says that Gerald Battistoni looks like the man she saw the morning her daughter disappeared.

She also states, "Battistoni, this guy is connected to a lot of people, and a lot of bad people."

He was connected to at least one Massachusetts law enforcement drug task force.

Battistoni has been exposed as a past confidential informant with the Eastern Hampton County Narcotics Task Force by Private Investigator Dan Malley and CJ Bunn who had his home raided based on false allegations.

CJ Bunn will be a guest on this week's, THC Show on on Saturday at 3:30pm EST.

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  1. With perjury through the affidavit & depositions, and proof of evidence tampering and copies of the false / manufactured evidence presented to the courts by Special Agent/Sgt Scott E. Haley presented to the FBI, you have to wonder why the FBI does not make an arrest here of the corrupt police officers behind this bogus raid.

    The reason that X-Chief Kevin P. Gleason and Sgt Scott E. Haley will never be arrested is quite simple, and a matter of money. The C.I. #62, Gerald Battistoni, who was listed on the affidavit, and referred to in the depositions taken from Gleason & Haley, never entered my home. I never met him. He was revealed to me by private detective Dan Malley as the C.I #62 that was used in the affidavit to get the warrant.

    The way the C.I. #62 number was attached illegally to the affidavit corrupts the whole task force and would force Mass to open every case that task force worked on. That's over 500 cases and the cost would be millions of dollars to the state.

    It is cheaper to cover the crimes of these two police officers, and to let them get away with their crimes.

    Gleason has since gone to jail on charges unrelated to the illegal raid on my home, they got him on gun and drug and stolen money charges.

    Gerald Battistoni is now in jail for serial child rape, and is the primary suspect in the Molly Bish murder.

    It is now ten years since the raid of March 27, 2003, and Sgt Scott E. Haley is still a Sargeant, he has not moved up through the ranks of the police force. It's a crime he still has a badge at all.

    Google any of the names in this, you will find all this is true.

    No justice in this case... just sayin'

    Captain Joint


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