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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Police used child rapist for attempted property seizure from marijuana activist

Eastern Hampton County Narcotics Task Force uses a Serial Child Rapist & Killer as Confidential Informant C.I. #62; 2003 Raid of Captain Joint's residence in Holland Mass. Exposed.

"Best way to sum this up is the police were using a serial child rapist and killer to set up drug raids to seize property from people; it didn't matter if they were breaking the law or not. The Chief of Police on this case, Kevin P. Gleason, has been compromised as a reliable witness. Do a Google search on him. He went to jail for too many crimes to list, but I will say the missing drugs and money from the Town of Holland evidence room and the 17 guns he bought on town tax dollars then sold illegally to his cop friends was the capper on him. The town threw up their hands and he did a plea deal and got two years. He only served three months and it seems a mystery as to where X-Chief Kevin P. Gleason is today. My bet is not working in law enforcement.

So far everything Dan Malley has told me has been true. Dan Malley also told me that the police were hiding the crimes of Gerald Battistoni because he was making them so much money in seized property. The State of Mass. may has to open up as many as 500 cases or more that the Eastern Hampton County Narcotics Task Force has been involved with. Time will tell if he is correct about that. Anyone that has been arrested by the Task Force since the mid 1990's should have their lawyers take a look at their cases, and if C.I. #62 is on the paperwork. If so, victims should be thinking about re opening their cases and look into suing the cops."

Jailed rapist apparently attempts suicide

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