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Monday, December 5, 2011

Ron Paul to Donald Trump, 'You're Fired!"

Ron Paul to Donald Trump, 'You're Fired!"

Donald Trump gets fired and then pulls a hissy fit, "Ron Paul has zero chance of winning with the nomination or the presidency. my poll numbers were substantially higher than his poll numbers at any time."

Haha, Donald comes back that his is bigger!

Ron Paul is polling in second place in Iowa, surging.

I'm predicting a surprise Ron Paul win in Iowa and third in New Hampshire.

Donald Trump has run for office many times but never finished his campaign to actually allow folks to vote for him.

Who's a joke, a reality sideshow circus for $?

Or pretty much the only politician that stages successful campaigns for national office while telling the truth?

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  1. independent is a party trump is wrong he would have to get signatures in every state to apply how ever he could be a write in un- enrolled maybe that what he means ego is on


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