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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Neocon Kristol challenges Ron Paul to debate Foreign Policy

January 17, 2012

During the 2nd hour of this morning's Washington Journal on C-Span the guest was neocon William Kristol, former chairman of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) and current editor of The Weekly Standard. Mr. Kristol was on the program to discuss the previous night's Republican presidential debate from South Carolina and was basically dismissing Ron Paul as a serious candidate, even though post debate viewer polls showed that Ron Paul won the debate in every category. Phil from Florida called in to expose William Kristol's involvement with the PNAC, his eligibility and failure to serve in the military during the Vietnam war, and his decades long agenda of calling for "pre-emptive wars" considered illegal wars of aggression by the U.S. during the Nazi War Crimes trials at Nuremberg following the conclusion of WW II.

Mr. Kristol responded with a very clear statement that he was willing to debate Ron Paul on Foreign Policy, not only in response to Phil from Florida's call but multiple times later in response to other callers who followed. We ask that for anyone who knows how to reach the campaign people for Ron Paul to please relay this challenge to debate from William Kristol.

Ron Paul spoke from the floor of the House of Representatives some time ago exposing the Neocons, their agenda for pre-emptive wars for American empire, and how they have infiltrated and taken positions of influence at the highest levels in the U.S. government and corporate media. He specifically spoke of William Kristol and the Project for a New American Century. Please view the following 6-minute video of Dr. Paul's speech and share it with others.

In September of 2000, one year before the attacks of 9/11/01, the Project for a New American Century issued its white paper entitled "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces, and Resources For a New Century" which advocated for U.S. pre-emptive wars and global hegemeny by use of military force to include invading Iraq and setting up a permanent military presence to launch future attacks on Syria and Iran. The PNAC document stated that such a policy could take a long time for the American people to support, absent some type of "New Pearl Harbor" event. That event came one year later with the attacks of 9/11/01. For a superb documentary exposing the PNAC and their neocon members' pre-9/11 blueprint for the so-called "War on Terror", check out "The New American Century" by Massimo Mazzucco.

Neocon Kristol challenges Ron Paul to debate Foreign Policy

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