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Sunday, January 22, 2012

NJ Weedman vs Chris Christie

Two Hotheads on Cannabis show on

Saturdays, 3:30pm EST, Call in at 617-606-4122

NJWeedman vs Chris Christie and a tribute to recently passed, Rocko of WAAF.

NJ Weedman vs Chris Christie

Two Hotheads on Cannabis show on
with Co-Hosts Mike Cann & Heather Mack!
Exec Producer- Carmelita
Live Show Producer- Newman

Photos: Niki Smokes & Sarah Sparks
Photo of Chris Christie, Bob Jagendorf from Manalapan, NJ, USA


  1. i went to weedmans church 340 for ounce of bud…..not very holy to me…..60 more the the second most expensive spot in la. n weed man hid while we were their…..pussy

  2. ^"i went to weedmans church" = hate. Where does that come from?

  3. youtube just blocked the video because of the music in most countries, will re-edit and re-post soon.

  4. Ha ha why not leave your name? 340 isn't even close to being high in la! Top end is usually around 420, apparently you didn't have the cash for top end and you got what you paid for. Ha why would I his from you? I was probably off doing something else. I owned the temple but didn't work it much and usually didn't spend every open hour there. ( haters are everywhere)




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