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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

PRETENDERS - Back On The Chain Gang - (Prison Slavery Slideshow)

PRETENDERS - Back On The Chain Gang - (Prison Slavery Slideshow)

The powers that be
That force us to live like we do
Bring me to my knees
When I see what they've done to you
But I'll die as I stand here today
Knowing that deep in my heart
They'll fall to ruin one day
For making us part

I found a picture of you, oh oh oh oh
Those were the happiest days of my life
Like a break in the battle was your part, oh oh oh oh
In the wretched life of a lonely heart
Now we're back on the train
Oh, back on the chain gang

1 comment:

  1. I have been in many places, but -

    I have never been in Cahoots. Apparently you can't go there alone. You have to be in Cahoots with someone. so are you ?

    I have also never been in Cognito. I hear no one recognizes you there.

    I have, however, been in-- Sane. They don't have an airport; you have to be driven there. I have made several trips there, thanks to Government courts and reps ,my friends, betrayed by family and union work.

    I would like to go to Conclusions, but you have to jump, and I'm not too much on physical activity anymore being 54 waiting for so much more .

    I have never been in Doubt. That is a sad place to go to be , and I hope not to have to visit there much .
    I have been in Flexible, but only when it was very important to stand up be firm.
    Sometimes I'm in Capable, and I go there more often as I'm getting older and need excuse .
    One of my favorite places to be is in Suspense! It really gets the adrenalin flowing and pumps up the old heart! At my age I need all the stimuli I can get you know !

    And more and more I think of the Here After... Several times a day, in fact; I enter a room and think "What am I here after?" Massvocals
    i need a vaporizer did i win yet ????


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