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Friday, February 10, 2012

CIA Operation Anonymous takes down CIA website?

Anonymous Hits CIA Website

So it's been reported that Anonymous has recently taken down the websites of the FBI, the Boston Police, and now the CIA? How easy would that be if Anonymous is actually working for the FBI, the Boston Police, and the CIA? Anonymous' work in Syria and Egypt? To me it still seems to be a big operation that uses patsy kids for their dirty work and later to fill prison cells.

Is Anonymous a front for US Intelligence? 

Hail to the CIA hackers, I mean Anonymous?

This post does not mean that I believe all members of Anonymous are CIA. Do I suspect the group is being led by unknown and dark forces? Yes, and who can blame me? Leaderless movements with no official public face? The CIA couldn't wish for any better to do their work overthrowing foreign governments.

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